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omg, I’ve got this mormon (on facebook) trying to tell me that choosing to believe that there is more to the universe than just our solar system is the same as choosing to believe that the bible is the word of god.

*face palm* can you say false equivalency? 

"The thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it" NdGT

Trying to figure out a nice way to tell them they’re full of shit.

Believing the Bible is the word of god requires faith.  The accepted definition of faith is a belief unsupported by evidence.

Believing there is more to the universe than just our solar system requires only the acceptance of an abundant amount of evidence, not faith.

Or you could just say “I’m sorry, but you’re full of shit.”  :-D


faith person is now saying that faith is part of the scientific method “Every scientist that ever had a theory had faith that they were right and they had to keep working at it and be patient for their proof.”

They seem to have a fundamental misunderstanding of what the scientific method is (and this person is an elementary school teacher, omfg).

Carl Sagan on science: “It’s not perfect.  It can be misused.  It is only a tool.  But it is, by far, the best tool we have, self-correcting, ongoing, applicable to everything.  It has two rules.  First: There are no sacred truths;  Second: whatever is inconsistent with facts must be discarded or revised.”

Faith (belief without evidence) has absolutely no place in the scientific method and you’re right - anyone that thinks it does has a complete and fundamental misunderstanding of what science is.  

6 weeks away is WAY too long.


Mysteriously similar to random chance.


my biggest tip that i can offer to anyone is to fake confidence until it’s real

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Whenever my 4-year-old daughter sees a picture of me when I was younger, she always asks, “Was I still an egg inside you then?”

"Yes, you and your brother were both eggs."

"And there were lots of other eggs too, right?"


"But you picked me?"

"Women usually release one egg a month and the month you were ready to be released, your daddy and I decided ‘Yup, we are ready to be parents again! Let’s try for that one!’ I didn’t know you were going to be so great, though. We picked a very good egg."

"The best egg?"

"You know, I think so! You and your brother were the best eggs."

*Daughter nods knowingly.*


One of the best mom moments in TV history. I wish more parents knew how important it is to validate their children’s feelings.

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For anyone who’s been made to feel at fault when someone else screws up.

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Join us on Facebook and Twitter for more solar energy facts and news stories: SolarReviews on Facebook, and @SolarReviewsCom on Twitter.




Join us on Facebook and Twitter for more solar energy facts and news stories: SolarReviews on Facebook, and @SolarReviewsCom on Twitter.


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//Another random personal post that will be deleted later.  Maybe skip over this one ‘cause it’s all just ranting.  I apologize to any new followers.  I’m not usually like this.

1)  That “10 things about raising a boy” article that’s going around on facebook today is infuriatingly stupid and makes me want to scream.

2)  Seeing my ex-husband get compliments on how awesome our son is drives me CRAZY.  You barely even speak to him, asshole.  He’s awesome in spite of you, not because of you.

3)  I’m about 7 hours behind with work and I have zero motivation to do any of it.  WAKE UP BRAIN.

4)  If you commit to doing something for a friend, especially a friend who has basically bent over backward to help you out in the past, and then back out at the last second to go get drunk with buddies instead - you’re a selfish asshat and it’s really hard to like you.

5)  I’M STILL SO PISSED AT THE HL SCOTUS RULING.  My anger has gotten more intense rather than abating.  

6)  OMG I’m in such a bad mood.  Someone share something positive?  Please?

Agreed.  :-)


Jane taught me that I often make big value judgements. She treats everyone as individuals. Flo, Fifi, and Jane’s own mother taught her that. She could do it with everyone else, too. To her, changing one person’s mind is a big deal. It’s the old idea that if you have a soapbox and you change one person and they become powerful, you can have a lot of influence. It helped me realize that we have a lot of power and we have to take it very seriously.

Photographer Michael “Nick” Nichols reflects on a quarter century of working with Jane Goodall. For more of her remarkable spirit, see Goodall on science, religion, and our human responsibility.

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