Hi! I'm JJ (aka Mama JJ). I'm a secular parent, an atheist and a feminist. I'm fiercely pro-choice and about as far left as you can get on the Liberal to Conservative scale. If you hang out with me you'll get thoughts on all of these subjects and occasionally excerpts from conversations with my 9-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter. I tag all of the conversations with "heard today" (links up above) and all the parenting stuff gets tagged with "Secular Parenting." My URL comes from the phrase "Teach children how to think, not what to think" which is my parenting philosophy in a nutshell. If you have a question, my inbox is always open and anon is usually on. Welcome!

My favorite section: “We’ve had it backwards for the last 30 years.  Rich people like me don’t create jobs.  Jobs are a consequence of an eco-systemic feedback loop between customers and businesses.  And when the middle class thrives, businesses grow and hire and owners profit.  That’s why taxing the rich to pay for  investments that benefit all is such a fantastic deal for the middle class and the rich.  So ladies and gentlemen, here’s an idea worth spreading: In a capitalist economy, the true job creators are middle class consumers.  And taxing the rich to make investments that make the middle class grow and thrive is the single shrewdest thing we can do for the middle class, the poor, and the rich.”  ~Nick Hanauer