5 Tips on How to Do a Handstand – Online Workouts and Progressions

One of the best ways to practice muscle strength is to do a handstand. It is also an excellent way to do yoga. The position of being upside down lets blood rush into your head, creating an entirely different approach to meditating.

Whatever your reason for doing this exercise is, you should learn how to do it properly. In this article, we’re going to share some tips on it. Read on if you want to know more about doing this posture right.

1. Use the wall

Every beginner should understand that it’s not going to be easy doing this. You should feel confident, but also understand that you’re not used to doing this. It’s going to be difficult to maintain balance and achieve the pose at the beginning.

That’s why it’s best to use the wall. When you stand on your hands and lift the legs, make sure you’re doing it against the wall. It will stop you from losing balance and falling. Do this way a couple of more times. Try without the wall support only when you feel confident enough. Still, be ready for that hit on the ground.

2. Create tension in your body

The key to achieving balance and doing a handstand is to create tension in every muscle in your body. Without having all the muscles active, it’s going to be hard to achieve what you’re trying to do.

Make sure the belly, behind, shoulders, even the muscles in your neck are tightened. This will help your body become compact and act as a single piece. When you create tension, it will be much easier to control all the muscles, and they will help your body achieve balance.

3. Don’t forget to breathe

The best way to do a handstand is to hold your breath and tighten the muscles when going upside down. However, once you achieve it, you want to stand like that for some time. You can’t hold your breath forever, and the tension is draining the oxygen too.

It’s crucial to concentrate and take short breaths at the beginning that won’t affect your handstand. Once you learn how to maintain the position, you’ll be free to take the same types of breaths that you take when you’re in a standing position. Don’t rely on short breaths all the time.

4. Use the shoulders to push

To keep yourself up there, you need huge muscle force. To do this, you need to push with your shoulders. Some might ask how this is even possible. How to push with them in the first place, and then how to do it when you’re standing on your arms.

The catch is to create a feeling that you’re pushing the ground down. Instead of just having a grip with your hands, you should make a push that will keep you up all the time. This is the hard part, of course, but no one said that handstands are easy to do. It takes a lot of strength and muscle pressure. That’s why it is so beneficial for building more muscle power.

5. Keep everything tight

There are lots of tips and tricks that will help you in standing this way for a longer period. One of the best tips on how to do a handstand properly is to keep all limbs tight to the rest of your body.

Make sure your legs are touching each other. They shouldn’t be apart. Also, make sure your hands are as close as possible to your head. Press your ears to your head with the arms. This is going to create a whole of your body and allow you to do the exercise better.

5 Tips on How to Do a Handstand - Online Workouts and Progressions


Handstands are amazing for building a lot of muscles. They also have a ton of other benefits. Everyone’s who capable of maintaining this posture for a long time is a healthy and happy individual.

Being healthy is a top priority for everyone and this is proof that you’re on the right track. Use these tips for making an excellent handstand and keep on being amazing at what you’re doing. Finally, be careful while doing it. Falling will leave some marks.