Criminal Justice Telugu Movies

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 Bangaru Thalli

 When you love movies related to law and justice with a mixture of thrillers and drama, Bangaru Thalli is the right one for you. Directed, written, and screen played by JJ Fredricks and produced by legendary actor Suriya Sivakumar, which tells the story of a lawyer named Venba who takes up the case of a murder accused Psycho Jyoti. While she is on a mission to seek justice, Venba is also fighting against child abuse. The movie is editing by Ruben and videographed by Ramji. Some of the well-known and notable people, such as Jyothika, K. Bhagyaraj, R. Parthiban, Thiyagarajan, and Pratap K Pothan, played powerful roles. The music is composed by Govind Vasantha and has around 5 title tracks.

 Movie plot

 A North-Indian Psycho woman named Jyoti was imprisoned for murdering and kidnapping five children and the murder of two young men in 2004. But Jyoti is killed by the police when she tried to resist the arrest. Fifteen years later, a dweller in Ooty who goes by the Pethuraj revives this particular case and claims that Jyoti is not guilty and then covets to pose a defence for her. Pethuraj’s daughter, Venba, a young and strong-minded lawyer, tries to review Jyoti’s case. When she decided to work on the case, the world turns against her. She received plenty of mortification and disapproval. During the process, Venba experienced some terrible enigmas. She crossed all boundaries and levels to drill out the latest information about the case to prove that Jyoti was not a serial killer.


 Bangaru Thalli was created pretty carefully, and it’s also the directorial debut of JJ Fredrick. While writing the movie script, Fredick consulted with legal advisors, which includes Rajasekar Pandian. He is the co-producer of the movie and also attended court proceedings. The film was shot in the beautiful place of Ooty, and the principal photography began in July 2019 and ended in November of the same year.

 A detailed explanation of the movie

 The film is completely based on child abuse. Apart from the scrupulousness and professional values on how a court proceeding takes place, there are emotions through which movie lovers can bond on several occasions. The best thing about the story is that it does not possess any great drama and runs within the courtroom with visionary and significant dialogues.

The only disadvantage of this movie is that you will instantly know that Jyoti is getting falsely accused or blamed for the murders. It would have been much better if the director kept the air of suspense till the very end. It is one of the best Telugu movies online, and the Telugu audience has a taste of the Tamil flavour.

 Last words

 The movie is pretty engaging, and every actor and actress played their role well. Their performance is what made the movie much better and engaging. In short, it stands out as a woman-oriented legal thrill that has no thrill.