NBA 2K21: Locker Codes Available in March

NBA 2K21 is one of the most in-depth and comprehensive sports experiences the gaming industry has ever seen, and some of that volume resides in MyTeam mode. For years, 2K Sports has offered the possibility for each player to create their dream team through a system of envelopes and cards with which, unfortunately, not everyone ends up having the same luck. To even the balance somewhat we have, on the other hand, the always appreciated locker codes.

Thus, we will remember as usual that it is the MyTeam Twitter account that actively shares these locker codes, usually as part of the beginning of a new promotion of packs or content in the mode. That said, it’s time to check what locker codes we have active for NBA 2K21 in this month of March.

Locker codes available in NBA 2K21 (March 2021)

  • ST-PATRICKS-DAY-MyTEAM-35WMT: Chance to get a John Havlicek or Ray Allen Pink Diamond, an Antoine Walker Diamond, a Glen Davis Amethyst or a Jared Sullinger Evo from Amethyst to Diamond. (from 03-17 to 03-24).
  • MOMENTS-ROBERT-WILLIAMS-C317P: Get a Robert Williams Diamond for his game of 16 points, 13 rebounds and 3 blocks in just 19 minutes. (from 03-17 to 03-20).
  • S5-SUPER-PACK-HEROES-XKY9E: Possibility of obtaining an envelope One Will Rise, Next is Now, Season of Giving or Throwback Moments. (from 03-16 to 03-23).
  • RETRO2K-DARK-MATTER-DROSE: Possibility of obtaining a Retro 2K Vol. 3 pack, a pack of badges or tokens. (from 03-12 to 03-19).
  • JORDAN-LAST-SHOT: Get a letter from Michael Jordan to recreate the mythical moment against the Utah Jazz in 1998. (02-19 to 03-26).
  • BRYANT-TO-SHAQ: Get Shaq’s letter to recreate his iconic alley-oop with Kobe Bryant during the 2000 Conference Finals against Portland. (from 11-25 to 08-01-2021).

Expired NBA 2K21 Locker Codes (March 2021):

  • S5-SUPER-PACKS-FLASH: Possibility of obtaining a Flash pack 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7. (from 03-09 to 03-16).
  • DARK-MATTER-MJ-AND-ZION: Possibility of obtaining a Pantheon: All-Star pack, a badge pack or three tokens. (from 03-05 to 03-12).
  • S5-PROMO-SUPER-PACKS: Possibility of obtaining a Finals, Draft, Possessed, Double Take, Inferno or Quantum pack. (from 03-02 to 03-09).
  • MyTEAM-250K-NEWEDITIONFLASH: Possibility of obtaining a Heat Check, IDOLS Series: II AD, Quantum or any Throwback Moments. (from 03-06 to 03-07).
  • MTU-250K-TOURNAMENT-TWOWAYROCO: Possibility of obtaining a Retro 2K Vol. 2 envelope, IDOLS Series: II AD, Quantum or any Throwback Moments. (from 03-06 to 03-07).
  • FLASH-7-GLITCHED-HARDEN: Possibility of obtaining a Flash 7 pack, a pack of badges or tokens. (from 02-26 to 03-05).

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