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King Nagrjuna’s Don is an epic movie in his career, not just for his career it is one of the pic movies which was released in telugu. The movie is all about the don and his kindness towards his people, rage on villains. It’s a nice movie movie to fall in love with, as we already know Anushka and Nag have the best chemistry in the industry which worked magically in this movie too. You should definitely watch this at least once to feel the royalty, kindness and love. Watch Don movie online today!

Cast & Crew:

Actor: AkkineniNagarjuna

Actress: Anushka Shetty

Other Actors: Raghava Lawrence, Nikita Thukral, Kelly Dorji

Music Director: Raghava Lawrence, Chinna

Director: Raghava Lawrence

Producer: M.L. Kumar Chowdary

Writer: Abburi Ravi (dialogues)

Screenplay: Raghava Lawrence

Story: Raghava Lawrence

Cinematographer: S. Gopal Reddy

Editor: Marthand K. Venkatesh

Production Company: Sri Keerthi Creations

Know More About Don:

Release date: 20 December 2007

Running time: 154 mins

Genre: Action, Romantic


The story begins with a boy escaping and finding the drug dealing gang, he shoots at them in a heroic moment and some boys of the same age become his followers and the hero. Story takes a long leap of 20 years and that little boy grows and becomes a manly don Suri. One of his major followers who loves him to death is Raghava. Suri treats him like a brother and keeps him in the front line for everything. Heroin (Priya)  enters the story beautifully where she helps Suri to save an old woman. In the first Priya doesn’t like him but eventually they fall in love with each other. That is the best part of the movie to love, laugh and live. Later movie become intense where our villain (Stephen) enters. He is the don that more than half of india is in control of.  He wants to keep the government in control of andhrapradesh.  Not just that he has more lustful wishes with other Don’s  wifes. The story goes on how our don keeps his family and city safe from his threats. His up and down and the best twist that audience hoot for.

Artist Performance:

  • AkkikenieNagarjuna who is the king of telugu film industry has performed phenomenally with pride, passion and zeal. He was royal to look at and to respect.
  • Anushka who is the sweetest soul. Her acting in this particular was fun, bubbly and very respectable. She acted responsible, beautiful and kindest.
  • Raghava Lawrence who is the creator of the movie has obviously worked very hard and he proved it right. His talents are pulled out in each and every aspect.
  • Kelly Dorji has done a great job as the strong villain to the strongest hero.

Technical Aspects:

Story, screenplay are just outstanding. Raghava Lawrence has done a wonderful job by creating such a good movie and treating the audience in the best way. Music is also another aspect that gives a mood booster to the audience.

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